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ICR/INR/IMR raw material 
Discharge rate: 2C, 3C, 5C, 8C, 10C
Multiple capacity: 1500mAh, 1800mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2400mAh, 2500mAh, 2600mAh, 2900mAh, 3000mAh, 3200mAh, 3350mAh

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The production process is very simple, we can design an optimal solution fo customers within 2 business day.

Produce rapidly

Produce rapidly 18650 lithium ion battery pack within 15 business days.

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Good Quality reduce after-sales complaints. Moderate price make you safer to make money.

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Ship multiple via express, air, railway, sea.

Reply 2 days

Your message, HJBP team reply commonly you within 2 business days.

18650 3.7V 1500mAh battery manfacturers

18650-1S 3.7V Battery Pack

Make tip top, with cable connector, Strong light flashlight, LED street lamp lighting, rangefinder and other applications

18650 7.4v battery pack with PCM

18650-2S 7.4V Battery Pack

18650-2S, make parallel battery pack, capacity from 1500mAh to larger capacity. Max charging voltage 8.4V.

18650-3s, 11.1v battery pack manufacturers China

18650-3S 11.1V Battery

Produce multiple parallel battery pack, 1.5Ah - 100Ah, 10.8V( common 12V), Max charging voltage 12.6V

18650-4s, 14.8v 2.ah lithium ion battery pack from HJBP China

18650-4S 14.8V Battery

4 pcs in series battery pack, multiple size, more capacity solution, max charging voltage 16.8V, Camera power supply and industry instrument application

18650 5S, 18.5V lithium ion battery manufacturer

18650-5S 18.5V Battery

Produce multiple parallel battery pack, 1.5Ah - 100Ah, 18.5V(18.0V), 5 pcs in series, Max charging voltage 21.0V, E-tools application

18650, 6S8P, 22.2V 27.2Ah lithium ion battery for UAV manufacturer

18650-6S 22.2V Battery

Custom 22.2V (21.6V)(6 pcs in series) battery for your project, multiple capacity, Max voltage 25.2V, UAV, Airplane/Ship modul application

Custom 18650-7S5P, 25.9v lithium battery pack

18650-7S 25.9V Battery

Custom 25.9V(25.2V) (7 pcs in series) battery for your project, multiple capacity, Max voltage 29.4V, industry equipment application

18650, 8S2P, 29.6V lithium ion battery factory China

18650-8S 29.6V Battery

Pristice 29.6v(28.8v), 8 pcs in series lithium battery pack, support in parrallel. Max voltage: 33.6V

18650, 13s, 36v lithium battery for e-bike manufacturer

18650-13S 37V Battery

Procedure multiple parallel battery pack, 37V(36v), 13 pcs in series. 10Ah, 12Ah, 15Ah, 20Ah, Max charging voltage 54.6V, E-bicycle, e-scooter application

60v 13ah 18650-250-16s6p lítium-ion akkumulátorcsomag gyár és gyártó Kínában

18650-16S 60V Battery

Characteristic 59.2V (57.6v), 16 pcs in series) battery for your e-motor, e-scooter project, multiple capacity from 10Ah to 60Ah, Max voltage 67.2V(16 pcs series)

18650, 20S, 74v lithium ion battery manufacturer

18650-20S 74V Battery

Custom 84V (20 pcs in series) battery for your motor, multiple capacity from 20Ah to 60Ah, Max voltage 84V, e-motor application

96v 20ah lítium-ion akkumulátor gyártó Kínában

18650-26S 96V Battery

Custom 96v (26/27pcs in series) lithium battery for e-motor. Max charging voltage 109.2V

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“The HJBP team advised us on the feasibility of our project, and I have to say that their engineers are experienced and always put themselves in our shoes, recommending the right product solution for us to spend less money. If you are looking for a lithium battery solution or a lithium battery partner, I can’t think of any reason not to work with them!” 

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Large Manufacturing Scale and Delivery Time Shortening

We have large production capacity and skilled battery industry experiences. So we can shorten the delivery days by over 50% compared with other suppliers.

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