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2.9 voltos WR34615, WR26500, WR14505 lítium akkumulátor kínai gyártó

LiSO2 battery is one of primary lithium battery.  2.9 volt operating voltage. There are D(wr34615), C(wr26500), AA(wr14505) variety of type cell.


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2.0 V


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Product Detail About: 2.9 Volt WR34615, WR26500, WR14505 lithium battery China manufacturer

China good quality digital camera batteries, LiSO2(wr34615, wr26500, wr14505) battery offer the long life and consistently and reliable performance you need to get the most out of your digital camera.

Lithium-sulfur dioxide battery is one of lithium primary batteries, the main components include lithium and sulfur dioxide, electrolyte and so on. IEC uses the letter “W” to represent lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries, and the letter “R” to represent cylindrical lithium batteries. There are many models, including AA, A, C, 5/4C, D, Flat D, Flat DD. It can also be customized as you need. size of. Provides a large working current, mainly used in the field of defense. In addition to SAFT, Vitzorés Tadiran producing these batteries, many Chinese manufacturers and suppliers can also be found. Believe that you can find a lithium-sulfur dioxide battery partner that suits your needs.

LiSO2 lithium Battery Features

  •  High and stable operating voltage: 2.9 volt
  • Suited for large current continuous discharge and pulse discharge.
  •  Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +75℃, -40°F~+167°F
  •  Low self-discharge rate: ≤ 1% per year @+23±3℃ room temperature
  •  Long shelf life: 90% capacity remaining after 10 years storage at 20℃
  •  Superior leakage resistance
  •   Don’t contain toxic materials, noxious liquids or gases

WR34615 , WR26500, &WR14505 specification

Tétel WR34615 WR26500 WR14505 Megjegyzés
Core Raw Material LiSO2 LiSO2 LiSO2
IEC típus WR34615 WR26500 WR14505
Voltage(Volt) 2.9 V 2.9 V 2.9 V
Cut-off Voltage(Volt) 2 V 2 V 2 V
Névleges kapacitás (mAh) 8000 mAh 3800 mAh 1100 mAh
Discharge Current(mA) 2000 mA 1000 mA 100 mA Folyamatos
Pulse Current(A) 5 A 2 A 1 A 2 mp be / 8 mp ki
Diameter(mm/inches) 34.2/1.35 26.5/1.04 14.5/0.57
Height(mm/inches) 61.5/2.42 50.0/1.97 50.5/1.99
Weight(g/oz) 100/3.53 50/1.77 16.0/0.56 Referencia
Operate temperature(℃/°F) -40 ~ + 75 -40 ~ + 75 -40 ~ + 75
Color of cell Blue/color Blue/color Blue/color
Csomag Industry tray package
Quantity of Box 40 db 60 db 100 db
A kartondoboz mennyisége 120 db 180 db 400 db


UL1642,  CE, RoHs, UN38.3, MSDS


Használható:  defense applications, utility metering and Military fields.


  1. OEM / ODM szolgáltatás
  2. Small MOQ & Samples
  3. 24-48 hours replay, business time
  4. Custom your private label

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